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What is

 A Course in Miracles? 

  Peace of mind

Is peace possible?



          Peace seems like a fantasy still believed by children on a sandy beach until the tides of fear, sin, and guilt come in again to wash that dream away. Yet in truth, it is the changing world of discontent that is the dream, and the everlasting peace of Heaven is the only changeless Reality. In fact, the peace of Heaven that surpasses understanding is inevitable for everyone—sooner or later. But you don’t have to wait until you awaken in Heaven in order to find peace of mind. There are ways of finding peace of mind in the here and now, and A Course in Miracles provides one of these ways.

Joining of the East and West, a symbol of Miracle Yoga


    A Course in Miracles
teaches that problems and outer circumstances in the world do not determine your peace of mind. The peace of Christ is already within you, waiting only for your recognition of its presence. Whether or not you gain access to this inner peace is up to you. You can set aside quiet times every day for meditation to become aware of the divine presence and the inner peace this presence brings. However, even if you do practice meditation, the Course maintains that there is more that you need to do to find peace in the outer world of form. You are responsible for the decisions that bring either the perceptions of peace or the perceptions of turmoil to your mind. Yet how can you make choices that will bring peace to you in the midst of the challenging occurrences of life? You can find peace of mind no matter what is happening in your life by changing your thinking from perceptions of fear to perceptions of love and forgiveness. The Course provides a practical means for learning this lesson of changing perceptions with the goal of obtaining peace of mind. It is called A Course in Miracles because a miracle is a change in perception that manifests love instead of fear. The Course places a great deal of emphasis on your relationships with others and how others can help you to grow spiritually.


Donald James Giacobbe’s book Christian Meditation Inspired by Yoga and “A Course in Miracles” was published in 2011. Below is an excerpt from this book that explains A Course in Miracles as the philosophical foundation of Miracle Yoga:

    Now I would like to talk to those who may want to know more about A Course in Miracles, which I will refer to as the Course. If you are not familiar with this philosophy, you can think of it as a course in mind training. It is set forth in three books for personal study and application. The Text is the first book, and it presents the theological and philosophical thought system that is the basis for this course of study. The Workbook for Students is the second book, and it is a one-year course of daily practices to provide practical application of the thought system. The Manual for Teachers is the third book, and it is for those who have learned the Course principles and would like to share their learning with others. The Course is not a religion and not affiliated with any church, but many Course students do come together for local grass roots study groups.

    The Course integrates the ideas of Eastern philosophy into a Western context that can be applied by Christians of any denomination or even by followers of Christ who are not associated with any church. However, in addition to being inclusive of Eastern philosophy, the Course also mixes in a profound understanding of psychology from a spiritual perspective. This unique synthesis of Eastern and Western philosophy and theology with psychology has attracted many spiritual seekers and from its inception in the seventies has had an amazing growth spurt with no initial advertising. The Course presents many familiar spiritual concepts but explains these in a very systematic and complete way. For example, concepts of the ego as the false self and your true nature as the true Self can be found in Eastern philosophy, but the Course offers these concepts in a Western context that expands the psychological understanding of these concepts.

    I have not discussed my personal life very much in this meditation manual, but have reserved that information for my autobiography, Memory Walk in the Light: My Christian Yoga Life as “A Course in Miracles.” In that book I explain how I for many years resisted accepting the Course. I was drawn to many concepts in the Course, but I was initially very skeptical about this material because the Course was psychically channeled. The “scribe” of the Course was Helen Schucman, a Jewish psychologist, yet the inner source that dictated to her consistently claimed to be Jesus Himself. Speaking of Jesus, the Course states, “This course has come from him because his words have reached you in a language you can love and understand.”1 I had in the past researched channeled material many times and each time discovered internal inconsistencies in the information that revealed its inaccuracies. Yet I did not find these inconsistencies in the Course. I finally became convinced of the truth I found in this material.

    Before accepting the Course, I had been focused entirely on practicing Christian yoga in which I used Eastern disciplines as a way of following the example of Christ. But then after adopting the thought system of the Course, I began the practice of what I call Miracle Yoga, which is Christian yoga with the Course as its philosophical basis. At first glance it may appear that the Course has nothing to do with yoga. After all, the Course says nothing about exercise, breathing practices, or health activities in general. The emphasis in the Course is on one’s intention and the usage of the mind being more important than form-related issues. However, this silence should not be interpreted as a rejection of employing various self-help methods. The fact that no form-related methods are included means that such choices are up to the seeker and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Those who are guided to practice Miracle Yoga will find that this blending of yoga and the Course is—at the risk of a bit of exaggeration—“a match made in heaven.” Yoga is a very malleable form of spiritual growth that, like water, can mold its shape to any container. The principles of the Course are the perfect container for practicing the full spectrum of yoga disciplines, which encompass much more than just the postures and breathing practices of hatha yoga.

here are five components to Miracle Yoga, which are love, service, meditation, understanding, and forgiveness. Miracle Bhakti Yoga is the expression of Love. Miracle Karma Yoga has to do with selfless service dedicated to God. Miracle Raja Yoga is the practice of meditation, but also includes hatha yoga with its breathing practices and postures that improve health and serve as a preparation for attunement. Miracle Jnana Yoga is the understanding aspect of spiritual growth, which in this case is the study of A Course in Miracles as the philosophical basis for all of the expressions of Miracle Yoga. These four forms of Miracle Yoga are modifications of four corresponding paths in Hindu yoga. The fifth expression of Miracle Yoga is Miracle Relationship Yoga, which has no counterpart in Hindu Yoga. Miracle Relationship Yoga has to do with manifesting forgiveness and seeing holiness in everyone, which is the central message of the Course.

    All five forms of Miracle Yoga are intended to help you become an empty vessel for the Holy Spirit. The intention of being an empty vessel is to become filled with love and allow that love to be extended through you to your brothers and sisters. This extension of love is what the Course calls a miracle. The miracle is facilitated by the action of the Holy Spirit and includes a change of mind. This change involves replacing false, unloving perceptions with true, loving perceptions. A miracle always produces an increase in love for both the giver of the miracle and the receiver.

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Christian Meditation Inspired by

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Christian Meditation, Yoga, and "A Course in Miracles"

Memory Walk in the Light: 

My Christian Yoga Life as

"A Course in Miracles"


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Donald James Giacobbe



    “The central message of the Course is forgiveness, and the key to yoga is opening to the divine presence. As a teacher of Miracle Yoga based on Course principles, my goal is to live my life as an expression of forgiveness and openness to the experience of Spirit.”


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